The End of School Fees at TRCS!

**Beginning next year, TRCS families will no longer pay school fees! When we first opened our doors ten years ago, school fees were an unfortunate necessity that allowed us to get this school up and running.  They’ve helped us establish a robust Place Based Learning program, they’ve supported countless field studies, the purchase of thousands of student math and ELA workbooks, and they’ve allowed the school to purchase technology so that every student has access to important online resources.  However, the times have changed and TRCS is no longer a place where it needs to burden our families with fees.  From the beginning, we have aimed to provide an outstanding experience in public education, and this critical step to removing barriers for our community was fully realized in last night’s board meeting.  **

Mission & Vision

Our Mission The Mission of Two Rivers Community School is to be an exemplary K-8 school founded upon the belief in academic Rigor, curricular Relevance, and authentic Relationships.

Our Vision The Vision of Two Rivers Community School is to be an exemplary K-8 school founded upon 3 pillars:

Rigor that ignites a passion for learning and high achievement through interdisciplinary experiences, multiple problem solving methods, second language acquisition and culminating work aimed at positively impacting the community and the world.

Relevance to topics that create a sense of place, embrace diversity and build a bridge to a broader world perspective.

Relationships that foster a sense of belonging and positive collaboration between staff, students, families, and the community.